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Accurate identification and classification of network traffic according to application type is an important element of many network management tasks. In this paper, a P2P network traffic classification method using SVM classifier is proposed. By this method, the P2P network traffic can been classified according to application types with statistical(More)
Network traffic classification is extensively required mainly for many network management tasks such as flow prioritization, traffic shaping/policing, and diagnostic monitoring. Similar to network management tasks, many network engineering problems such as workload characterization and modeling, capacity planning, and route provisioning also benefit from(More)
In this paper, a K-means clustering (KMC) algorithm of automation determination the clustering number K is proposed, and a approach of region-based image segmentation is introduced based on our proposed algorithm. For this approach, firstly, a suitable color space is selected, the features of color, texture, and location are extracted, and the feature space(More)
Approaches of ROI (regions of interest) confirmed and similarity calculated are key techniques for ROIBIR (regions of interest-based image retrieval) system. In this paper, two approaches of confirming ROI and a region-based similarity measure approach are proposed. Two approaches of confirming ROI which consider enough the visibility of image regions,the(More)
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