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We report, for the first time, the preparation method and characteristics of starch films incorporating spray dried and vacuum freeze dried starch nanoparticles. Physical properties of these films such as morphology, crystallinity, water vapor permeability (WVP), opacity, and glass transition temperature (Tg) and mechanical properties (strain versus(More)
Peanut stems and leaves have been used traditionally as both herbal medicines and special food in Asia. In this study, the main functional compounds of peanut stems and leaves extracts were identified using UPLC separation coupled to high resolution mass spectrometry (QTOF-MS), and a traditional medicine library. Three different extraction solvents (ethyl(More)
The effect of NaCl on the rheological properties of suspensions containing spray dried starch nanoparticles produced through high pressure homogenization and emulsion cross-linking technique was studied. Rheological properties such as continuous shear viscosity, viscoelasticity and creep-recovery were measured. NaCl (5-20%, w/w) was found to lower viscosity(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate the species composition and distribution of chigger mites on small mammals in flatland area in Menghan, Xishuangbanna of Yunnan Province. METHODS The field investigation was made in a flatland area near Lancangjiang River in Menghan, Xishuangbanna of Yunnan Province. Small mammals were captured with mouse cages and traps. All(More)
Starch films were successfully produced by incorporating spray dried and vacuum-freeze dried starch nanoparticles. The frequency sweep, creep-recovery behavior and time-temperature superposition (TTS) on these films were studied. All these films exhibited dominant elastic behavior (than viscous behavior) over the entire frequency range (0.1-100 rad/s). The(More)
Two new species of darkling beetles (Tenebrionidae: Platyscelidini) belonging to the subgenus Cardiobioramix of the genus Bioramix are described. The first one, B. (C.) jinchuanensis sp. nov. known from the Chinese Province Sichuan Jinchuan, is characterized by the elongated parameres which are uniquely curved near the apex. The second one, B. (C.)(More)
This study aimed at improving the mechanical properties and water solubility of peanut protein isolate (PPI) films by glycosylating with xylose (X). The modification process of glycosylation was optimized by using response surface methodology (RSM). The effects of pH, temperature and time on degrees of glycosylation (DG), tensile strength (TS), elongation(More)
The effect of addition of NaCl on rheological properties of suspensions containing vacuum freeze dried starch nanoparticles was studied. These starch nanoparticles were produced through high pressure homogenization and emulsion cross-linking technique. Rheological properties such as continuous shear viscosity, storage and loss moduli and creep-recovery were(More)
Nanoliposome loaded with peanut peptide fraction (PPF) prepared by high pressure microfluidization (HPM) treatment was investigated as well as its stability and bioavailability. PPF showed hydrophilicity character with a solubility of 97.50 ± 2.31 mg mL(-1) in aqueous solution. HPM treatment can prepare nanoliposome but decreased encapsulation efficiency(More)