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Lonicera japonica flos is widely used as a pharmaceutical resource and a commonly-employed ingredient in healthy food, soft beverages and cosmetics in China. Sometimes, sulfur fumigation is used during post-harvest handling. In this study, a comprehensive comparison of the chemical profile between sun-dried and sulfur-fumigated samples was conducted by HPLC(More)
To investigate formation mechanism of secologanic acid sulfonates in sulfur-fumigated buds of Lonicera japonica, secologanic acid was enriched and purified from the sun-dried buds of L. japonica by various column chromatography on macroporus resin HPD-100, silica gel and ODS. The stimulation experiments of sulfur-fumigation process were carried out using(More)
OBJECTIVE The hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy caused by asphyxia in peripartum is a serious disease in newborn infants, with a high disability and mortality rate. Lack of regenerative ability in central nervous system after injury is considered as the fundamental cause. However, in recent years many studies have revealed that there are myelin-associated(More)
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