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Touching, stroking and pulling are important ways to communicate with fibratus material. Above all, stroking is one of the most representative ways to interact with fibratus material because stroking lets people feel its direction, hardness and thickness. We propose a fibratus visual and tactile display, "FuSA<sup>2</sup> Touch Display" (Figure 1) that(More)
We propose an umbrella-like device called Funbrella that entertains people with many types of rain by focusing on an umbrella as a user interface that connects humans and rain. Generally, people experience rain with sound, sight, or sometimes smell; however, in our proposed system, we focus on the vibration perceived through an umbrella's handle so that(More)
OBJECTIVE This study was conducted to expand the sunitinib safety database in Japanese imatinib-resistant/-intolerant gastrointestinal stromal tumor patients. Retrospective analyses investigated common adverse events as potential prognostic markers. METHODS Four hundred and seventy patients who received sunitinib between June 2008 and November 2009 were(More)
Since the late 1990s, patient safety has been an important policy issue in developed countries. To evaluate the effectiveness of the activities of patient safety, it is necessary to quantitatively assess the incidence of adverse events by types of failure mode using tangible data. The purpose of this study is to calculate patient safety indicators (PSIs)(More)
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