Ai Yoshida

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We propose an umbrella-like device called Funbrella that entertains people with many types of rain by focusing on an umbrella as a user interface that connects humans and rain. Generally, people experience rain with sound, sight, or sometimes smell; however, in our proposed system, we focus on the vibration perceived through an umbrella's handle so that(More)
Touching, stroking and pulling are important ways to communicate with fibratus material. Above all, stroking is one of the most representative ways to interact with fibratus material because stroking lets people feel its direction, hardness and thickness. We propose a fibratus visual and tactile display, "FuSA<sup>2</sup> Touch Display" (Figure 1) that(More)
Rain changes its complexion based on the time and the place. Each aspect of rain provides a unique impression, so experiencing it in distant places and different times would be a new way of sharing information. To represent rain, we focused on an umbrella as a user interface to connect humans and rain. Generally, people experience rain with sounds, sights,(More)
It is well established that by introducing the cell-adhesive sequence Arg-Gly-Asp (RGD) from fibronectin into Bombyx mori silk fibroin by covalent coupling or bioengineering techniques, excellent biomaterials have been developed with the modified silk fibroin. However, there is no report about the structure and dynamics of the RGD moiety in the silk(More)
The thyroid uptake of (123)I and (131)I is generally measured by a gamma camera system. We evaluated the error in determining thyroid uptake caused by different methods of calculation among four gamma camera systems with various collimators. We first designed an original thyroid phantom that consisted of the thyroid and a body containing various levels of(More)
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