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Plutonium and uranium in human tissues obtained from residents of the Tokyo area were determined by a-spectrometry and the fission track method, respectively. The distribution pattern of each element was estimated on the basis of mean concentration obtained. Plutonium is concentrated in some special organs, while uranium is distributed rather generally(More)
Uranium in several human tissues (lung, liver, kidney, muscle, spleen, heart, cerebrum and bones) from Japanese in the Tokyo area was determined by the fission track method. The average U content was the highest in lung with 1.70 ppb wet, and decreased in the order of lung greater than bones greater than heart and muscle greater than kidney greater than(More)
Several human lung samples were dissected into lobes and uranium and silicon contents in each lobe were determined by the fission track method and the inductively coupled plasma-atomic emission spectrometry (ICP-AES), respectively. It was found that both uranium and silicon concentrations were high in the upper lobe compared with those in the lower one.(More)
d m L E T c t m c T R t i m m e s t a t e c a 1 t C u i b i r w u [ m f b g Auto A G 1577 K y In the field of retina and i diagnosis of measurement Limiting Me Epithelium (R Tomography (conventional techniques and most cases of n cannot be app This paper pro RPE using two-dimension images to imp method, retina morphologica extract RPE structure of th the(More)
Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) image is very useful to the diagnosis and the follow up evaluation of the response to treatment using either medication or surgery, and it is an emerging medical imaging technology for performing high resolution cross-sectional images. In ophthalmology, this technology can provide 3D images of retinal architecture, and it(More)
Uranium and calcium contents in human bones (skull, rib and femur) were determined by the fission track method and the inductively coupled plasma-atomic emission spectroscopic method (ICP-AES), respectively. The U/Ca concentration ratio in the bones was found to decrease in the order of rib greater than femur greater than skull, which is in accordance with(More)
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