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To measure the pressure distribution in the radiocarpal joint, a biomechanical study was done with fresh cadavers and pressure-sensitive film. With a load of 100 newtons, the contact locations were identified for 27 different wrist positions and the peak articular pressures and contact area were measured. Normal wrists were studied first, then modified to(More)
Residual dorsal tilt is one of the main deformative factors in the malunion of fractures of the distal radius. We investigated the effect of such tilt on the range of wrist motion and on carpal alignment in a cineradiographic study of wrist motion in 30 patients with extra-articular Colles' fracture. With increased dorsal tilt, the range of wrist motion(More)
Schwannomas of the colon are rare and difficult to diagnose preoperatively. We report a case of schwannoma of the ascending colon that was resected laparoscopically. A 64-year-old woman was referred to our hospital by her local clinic for further evaluation and management of a submucosal tumor of the ascending colon. A definitive preoperative diagnosis(More)
INTRODUCTION Retroperitoneal mucinous cystic neoplasms are uncommon, and little is known about the etiology of the disease. Malignant forms of these are extremely rare. Here, we report a case of primary retroperitoneal mucinous cystadenocarcinoma (PRMC), which demonstrated unexpectedly aggressive progression despite finding only a limited area of(More)
This study aims at investigating experimentally the structural effects of various shapes of volume conductors, which are surrounded by an insulated skull and spinal canal model, on nerve action potentials (NAP). NAP were recorded through volume conductors inside and outside a model. We noted stationary potentials emerged at where the volume conductor made(More)
To see if symptoms such as sensory disturbance or numbness worsen during exercise as is thought to occur in entrapment neuropathy, we studied the interaction between sensory and muscle nerve fibres in a mixed nerve in cats. Stimulation electrodes were placed on both the deep (muscle) and superficial (sensory) branch of the radial nerve at the elbow. High(More)
A method is described which records efferent motor nerve action potentials (MNAPs), evoked by trans-skull motor area stimulation, directly from a nerve root or peripheral nerve fibres during operation. The records of MNAPs from the root show whether function of the anterior root is intact and its continuity retained. When recorded from the proximal stump of(More)
Segmental electrodiagnosis of compression of individual nerve roots of the cauda equina has been attempted in 45 patients, including cases of disc hernia, spondylsis and spondylolisthesis. The needle electrode was inserted into the nerve root either just lateral to the intervetebral foramen or through the posterior sacral foramen. The recordings made on(More)
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