Ai Saotome-Nakamura

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Sperm chromatin remodeling after oocyte entry is the essential step that initiates embryogenesis. This reaction involves the removal of sperm-specific basic proteins and chromatin assembly with histones. In mammals, three nucleoplasmin/nucleophosmin (NPM) family proteins-NPM1, NPM2 and NPM3-expressed in oocytes are presumed to cooperatively regulate sperm(More)
The generation of induced-pluripotential stem cells- (iPSCs-) derived mesenchymal stem cells (iMSCs) is an attractive and promising approach for preparing large, uniform batches of applicable MSCs that can serve as an alternative cell source of primary MSCs. Appropriate culture surfaces may influence their growth and differentiation potentials during iMSC(More)
Vitronectin (VN) is a multi-functional protein involved in extracellular matrix (ECM)-cell binding through integrin receptors on the cell surface, which is an important environmental process for maintaining biological homeostasis. We investigated how VN affects the survival of endothelial cells after radiation damage. VN attenuated radiation-induced(More)
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