Ai Qun Liu

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Among the microfluidic separation methods, hydrodynamic spreading is a simple and high-throughput continuous separation technique based on the difference in size. However, it is difficult to adjust tiny pressure differences accurately in microfluidic devices. In this study, a combination of electroosmotic flow (EOF) and hydrodynamic flow spreading was(More)
Applications of surface plasmon polaritons [ 1 ] (SPP) have been extensively developed in the fi eld of optoelectronics, such as plasmonic circuitry (e.g., waveguides, interferometric logic, and modulators), [ 2 ] nanolasers, [ 3 ] ultrahigh-effi ciency sensors, [ 4 ] photovoltaics, [ 5 ] super-resolution imaging, [ 6 ] and various two-dimensional plasmonic(More)
The past decade has seen a number of interesting designs proposed and implemented to generate artificial magnetism at optical frequencies using plasmonic metamaterials, but owing to the planar configurations of typically fabricated metamolecules that make up the metamaterials, the magnetic response is mainly driven by the electric field of the incident(More)
There are some missing grant numbers in the funding statement for this article. Please refer to the correct funding statement below: China (General Program). The funders had no role in study design, data collection and analysis, decision to publish, or preparation of the manuscript. Copyright: ß 2014 The PLOS ONE Staff. This is an open-access article(More)
This paper reports on a numerical algorithm for quasi-static dynamic modeling of highly nonlinear electrostatic actuators with single-side clamped moving elements, such as curved-electrode actuators or zipper-like touch-mode actuators. The algorithm is capable of simulating pre-stressed materials and touching surfaces with complex geometries of the moving(More)
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