Ai Nihongi

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The motions of many physical particles as well as living creatures are mediated by random influences or 'noise'. One might expect that over evolutionary time scales internal random processes found in living systems display characteristics that maximize fitness. Here we focus on animal random search strategies [G.M. Viswanathan, S.V. Buldyrev, S. Havlin,(More)
Daphnia swimming behaviour is controlled by a variety of external factors, including light, presence of food and predators. Temperature represents a key driver in the dynamics of Daphnia populations, as well as on their motion. In this study, we have investigated the behavioural adaptations of adult Daphnia pulicaria to two different temperatures,(More)
A wide range of chemical signals have been demonstrated to affect the swimming behaviour of Daphnia, including molecules associated with predation threat. In this contribution, we investigate how the concomitant presence of kairomones from the predaceous fish Lepomis macrochirus and alarm pheromones from crushed conspecifics affect the small-scale swimming(More)
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