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In a study of senile degenerative lesions-including Alzheimer's neurofibrillary changes, senile plaques and amyloid angiopathy-the hippocampal area of the brain was examined by thioflavine T fluorescence microscopy in 146 consecutive autopsy patients over the age of 49. The incidence and quantity of neurofibrillary changes and senile plaques rose with age,(More)
BACKGROUND Dexmedetomidine is a highly selective central α2-agonist with anesthetic and analgesic properties for patients in intensive care units. There is little information about the relationship between dosage and plasma concentration during long drug infusions of dexmedetomidine in critically ill patients, especially in Asians. In addition, the(More)
We report a 12-year-old boy with unilateral meningoencephalitis due to non-herpes simplex virus. He experienced secondarily generalized partial seizures of the left extremities with loss of consciousness. In contrast with normal neuroimaging findings, interictal electroencephalograms (EEGs) showed prolonged slowing in the right hemisphere. This laterality(More)
Motor impersistence is the term introduced by Fisher to describe the inability to sustain certain simple voluntary acts such as keeping eyes closed, protruding the tongue etc. He considered it a specific, nondominant hemisphere symptom, but some investigators denied its relationship to the right hemisphere damage. We considered that this difference might(More)
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