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Through SEM observation, we found that there are vessels as well as tracheids in the secondary wood of Tetracentron sinense Oliv. The vessel elements are as narrow and as long as or slightly shorter than the tracheids and generally have 1 to 3 very long, or sometimes relatively short and oblique end-wall perforation plates; such perforation plates are also(More)
UDP-glucuronic acid dehydrogenase (UGD) and UDP-xylose synthase (UXS) are the two enzymes responsible for the biosynthesis of UDP-xylose from UDP-glucose. Several UGDs from bacterial sources, which oxidize UDP-glucose to glucuronic acid, have been found and functionally characterized whereas only few reports on bacterial UXS isoforms exist. Rhodothermus(More)
BACKGROUND Mannoside phosphorylases are frequently found in bacteria and play an important role in carbohydrate processing. These enzymes catalyze the reversible conversion of β-1,2- or β-1,4-mannosides to mannose and mannose-1-phosphate in the presence of inorganic phosphate. METHODS The biochemical parameters of this recombinantly expressed novel(More)
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