Ai-Ling Chang

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Reciprocal relationship usually exists between osteoblastogenesis and adipogenesis, with factors stimulating one of these processes at the same time inhibiting the other. In the present study, miR-30e was found to be involved in the reciprocal regulation of osteoblast and adipocyte differentiation. Our data indicated that miR-30e was induced in primarily(More)
Recent emerging studies of miRNAs in adipocyte commitment provide new insights to understand the molecular basis of adipogenesis. The current study indicated that miR-140-5p was altered in primary cultured marrow stromal cells and established progenitor lines after adipogenic and/or osteogenic treatment. miR-140-5p was increased in adipose tissue in db/db(More)
A huge amount of coal is always stored in open spaces in coal-fired power plants before combustion. Mercury released from coal by rain or flowing water is an environmental risk and can cause contamination of the soil around the storage area. To better understand mercury pollution and to control mercury emission before combustion, it is necessary to(More)
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