Ai-Lin Yang

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Long-distance quantum channels capable of transferring quantum states faithfully for unconditionally secure quantum communication have been so far confirmed to be feasible in both fiber and free-space air. However, it remains unclear whether seawater, which covers more than 70% of the earth, can also be utilized, leaving global quantum communication(More)
Multiple-degrees-of-freedom free-space communication combining polarization and high-order spatial modes promises high-capacity communication channel. While high-order spatial modes have been widely exploited for dense coding and high-dimensional quantum information processing, the properties of polarization preservation of high-order spatial beams(More)
Invisibility cloak capable of hiding an object can be achieved by properly manipulating electromagnetic field. Such a remarkable ability has been shown in transformation and ray optics. Alternatively, it may be realistic to create a spatial cloak by means of confining electromagnetic field in three-dimensional arrayed waveguides and introducing appropriate(More)
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