Ai Ishii

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BACKGROUND Depletion of replication factors often causes cell death in cancer cells. Depletion of Cdc7, a kinase essential for initiation of DNA replication, induces cancer cell death regardless of its p53 status, but the precise pathways of cell death induction have not been characterized. METHODOLOGY/PRINCIPAL FINDINGS We have used the(More)
Claspin transmits replication stress signal from ATR to Chk1 effector kinase as a mediator. It also plays a role in efficient replication fork progression during normal growth. Here we have generated conditional knockout of Claspin and show that Claspin knockout mice are dead by E12.5 and Claspin knockout mouse embryonic fibroblast (MEF) cells show defect(More)
This paper describes the submitted strategy and the methods of NUL team on NTCIR-11 RITE-VAL[1] fact validation (FV) and system validation (SV) tasks. We started to follow the shallow approach by Tian et al[3]. Then, we improved the named entity recognition accuracy and transformed some variables by the cross validation score of training sets. Especially,(More)
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