Ai-Hua Zhang

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Scrub typhus is endemic to a 13,000,000-km2 area of the Asia-Pacific region, and causes an annual incidence of 1 million people. The mortality rate of scrub typhus ranges from 6.1% to 25% in Southeast Asia. Natural infection of Orientia tsutsugamushi has been identified in domestic rodents in Shandong Province. However, infestation of chiggers and ticks on(More)
Ginsenosides, the main effective components of Panax ginseng C.A. Meyer and Panax quinquefolius L., are important allelochemicals of ginseng. Although many studies have targeted the pharmacological, chemical, and clinical properties of ginsenosides, little is known about their ecological role in ginseng population adaptation and evolution. Pests rarely feed(More)
Wackermann (1999) [Wackermann, J., 1999. Towards a quantitative characterization of functional states of the brain: from the non-linear methodology to the global linear description. Int. J. Psychophysiol. 34, 65-80] proposed Sigma-phi-Omega system for describing the global brain macro-state, in which Omega complexity was used to quantify the degree of(More)
The PTP non-receptor type 4 (PTPN4) is an important regulator protein in learning, spatial memory and cerebellar synaptic plasticity; targeting the PDZ domain of PTPN4 has become as attractive therapeutic strategy for human neuroglioma. Here, we systematically examined the complex crystal structures of PTPN4 PDZ domain with its known peptide ligands; a(More)
In order to evaluate sub-health state, synchronous acquisition of pulse images and ECG signals multi-information was conducted by using self-designed synchronous acquisition system. Stable pulse waves were obtained through the grid area change of each frame pulse images. After the three dimensional pulse image was reconstructed for every frame image, pulse(More)
The ventricular tachycardia (VT) and ventricular fibrillation (VF) are major causes of triggering sudden cardiac death (SCD) and seriously damage to human life. So, there has a very important significance on prediction research of VT/VF. In this study, the 1024 RR intervals series preceding 135 VT/VF episodes from 78 patients stored by the implantable(More)
AIM To prepare a clinical-grade anti-caries DNA vaccine pGJA-P/VAX and explore its immune effect and protective efficacy against a cariogenic bacterial challenge. METHODS A large-scale industrial production process was developed under Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) by combining and optimizing common unit operations such as alkaline lysis,(More)
According to the limitations of wavelet threshold in de-noising method, we approached a combining algorithm of the stationary wavelet transform with adaptive filter. The stationary wavelet transformation can suppress Gibbs phenomena in traditional DWT effectively, and adaptive filter is introduced at the high scale wavelet coefficient of the stationary(More)
Electron energy-loss near-edge fine structure (ELNES) of group-III nitrides is calculated using a pseudopotential plan wave method within the framework of density functional theory. Core-hole effect and supercell size influence are investigated. Based on our present and earlier work, a comprehensive understanding of theoretical ELNES application in(More)