Ai-Guo OuYang

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An automatic method for identifying different variety of rice seeds using machine vision technology was investigated, and a detection system which was consisted of an automatic inspection machine and an image-processing unit, was also developed. The system could continually present matrix-positioned rice seed to CCD cameras, and singularize each rice seed(More)
The potential of using visible and near infrared diffuse reflectance spectroscopy to assess soluble solids content (SSC) of intact navel orange was examined. A total 40 samples were used to develop the calibration and prediction models. NIR spectral data were collected in the spectral region between 350 and 2 500 nm and their second derivative spectra were(More)
The objective of the present research was to optimize the model of sugar content in navel orange for improving the detection presicion by the online near infrared spectroscopy. The reference wavelength was chosen by coefficient of variation of the different wavelengths in the calibration set in the wavelength range of 700.28 - 933.79 nm. Then the spectra(More)
Pavement crack is the main form of early diseases of pavement. The use of digital photography to record pavement images and subsequent crack detection and classification has undergone continuous improvements over the past decade. Digital image processing has been applied to detect the pavement crack for its advantages of large amount of information and auto(More)
With the merits of doing without sample pretreatment, easy operation, short response time and high sensitivity, Raman spectroscopy technique can acquire samples' physical chemistry and the deep structure information. It has been widely applied in petrol chemical, biomedicine, geoarchaeology, criminal justice, gem identification, etc. Raman spectroscopy has(More)
Abstract To improve the predictive ability and robustness of the NIR correction model of the soluble solid content (SSC) of apple, the reverse interval partial least squares method, genetic algorithm and the continuous projection method were implemented to select variables of the NIR spectroscopy of the soluble solid content (SSC) of apple, and the partial(More)
The feasibility of visible spectroscopic technology for rapid quantifying sugar content (SC) of navel orange fresh juices was investigated by means of spectral transmittance technique. A total of 55 juice samples were used to develop the calibration and prediction models. Calibration models based on different spectral ranges and different spectral(More)
The objective of this paper was to predicting soluble solids content of intact pears using on-line near-infrared spectroscopy (NIRS) combination with wavelet transform (WT) and least squares-support vector machine (LS-SVM). Spectra of 200 pears were collected in the wavelength range of 840∼950nm at the speed of 5 pears per second. All samples were(More)
A portable near-infrared (NIR) spectrometry was developed to predict brix of intact pears nondestructively. The spectra of 190 pears collected in the wavelength range of 800–950nm, were dealt with the preprocessing methods of smooth, derivative and standard normal transformation (SNV). The calibration models for brix were developed by least squares(More)