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Congenital polyvalvular disease (CPVD) is seen in trisomy 18 and other aneuploidy syndromes. However, its extent and nature have not been studied. Gross pathologic and histologic aspects of the heart were studied in 15 autopsied cases of trisomy 18. All had CPVD; other congenital defects included membranous ventricular septal defect (87%), patent ductus(More)
INTRODUCTION Delta-shaped anastomosis has been recognized as a method of intracorporeal Billroth I anastomosis in totally laparoscopic distal gastrectomy. However, the technical aspects and outcomes of the delta-shaped anastomosis in totally robotic distal gastrectomy have never been reported. METHODS A single-institutional, non-randomized, retrospective(More)
Anti-atrial fibrillatory, proarrhythmic and cardiodepressive profiles of dronedarone were analyzed using the halothane-anesthetized beagle dogs (n = 4) to create a standard protocol for clarifying both efficacy and adverse effects of anti-atrial fibrillatory drugs. Intravenous administration of dronedarone hydrochloride in doses of 0.3 and 3 mg/kg over 30 s(More)
A fetus at 20 weeks' gestation was shown by ultrasonography to have ascites and intrahepatic calcifications. We aspirated the fetal ascites at 29 and 30 weeks' gestation to decompress the fetal lungs due to the progression of the ascites and the concomitant compression in the fetal lungs. The newborn had neither hypoplasia of the lungs nor any respiratory(More)
A 42-year-old man noted pain on the left side of his forehead and left ptosis. On examination, he showed conjunctival hyperemia, ptosis and miosis in the left side, as well as hyperesthesia in the first branch of left trigeminal nerve. An MRI of his brain showed a retension cyst in the left ethmoid sinus. There was neither abnormalities in the parasellar(More)