Ahtsham A. Khan

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Fuel cells represent a clean alternative to current technologies for utilizing hydrocarbon fuel resources. Polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cells (PEMFCs) have acquired due importance as they are best suited for applications where a quick start up is required such as in automobiles. The prime requirements of fuel cell membranes are high proton(More)
A 42-day incubation was conducted to study the effect of glucose and ammonium addition adjusted to a C/N ratio of 12.5 on sugarcane filter cake decomposition and on the release of inorganic N from microbial residues formed initially. The CO2 evolved increased in comparison with the non-amended control from 35% of the added C with pure +5 mg g−1 soil filter(More)
Various cold stain techniques have been tried with varying success since early part of the century. Dr. S. Kudoh of Japan and Dr. A. J. Pathan of Pakistan discussed to evolve a simple process for cold method (see the foot note) which is a simple procedure for staining tubercle bacilli in sputum specimen. And the cold method was found as sensitive, as(More)
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