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People naturally and easily establish social groupings based on appearance, behavior, and other nonverbal signals. However, psychologists have yet to understand how these varied signals interact. For example, which factor has the strongest effect on establishing social groups? What happens when two of the factors conflict? Part of the difficulty of(More)
While the process of hand preshaping during grasping has been studied for over a decade, there is relatively little information regarding the organization of digit contact timing (DCT). This dearth of information may be due to the assumption that DCT while grasping exhibits few regularities or to the difficulty in obtaining information through traditional(More)
A brain computer interface (BCI) has been developed to navigate a robot by way of the operator's brain activities. The navigation commands were displayed on a computer screen to interact with the operator. While the operator was giving the navigation command by “thinking”, his/her EEG signals were acquired by a data acquisition system through(More)
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