Ahn Ki Kang

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We examined the effect of oral contraceptive (OC) usage on the renin angiotensin system (RAS) in two related experiments. In the first experiment, subjects were 34 healthy, normotensive, premenopausal women, 15 OC users and 19 OC nonusers, mean age 25 +/- 1 yr, ingesting a controlled sodium diet. We assessed arterial pressure, glomerular filtration rate,(More)
The ketogenic diet (KD) is often effective for intractable epilepsy, but its antiepileptic mechanisms remain largely unknown. Within the cell death/survival pathway, Akt and its downstream protein Bad play an important role in kainic acid (KA)-induced cell death. Therefore, we investigated the effects of a KD on KA-induced changes in the Akt/Bad/14-3-3(More)
We have demonstrated that oral contraceptive (OC) users exhibit elevated angiotensin II levels and angiotensin II type 1 receptor expression, indicative of renin-angiotensin system (RAS) activation, yet the renal and systemic consequences are minimal, suggesting that there is increased vasodilatory activity, counteracting the effect of RAS activation. We(More)
A 49 year-old hypercholesterolemic male with marked electrocardiographic ST segment depression on exercise testing was found to have an apo E E3/3 phenotype by isoelectric focusing, but an APOE E4/3 genotype using HhaI restriction isotyping. DNA sequence analysis of the proband's APOE gene found a G-->C point mutation at codon 251. This predicted a change(More)
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