Ahmet Yilmaz

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OBJECTIVE To investigate the psychometric properties of the Rivermead Motor Assessment by Rasch analysis and conventional statistics to improve its clinical utility. METHODS A total of 107 patients after stroke were evaluated using the Rivermead Motor Assessment and Functional Independence Measure (FIM). Scaling properties were assessed using Mokken(More)
—In this paper, a transmit antenna selection scheme, which is based on shadowing side information, is investigated. In this scheme, the selected single transmit antenna provides the highest shadowing coefficient between transmitter and receiver. By the proposed technique, the frequency of the usage of the feedback channel from the receiver to the(More)
BACKGROUND Chemokines and their receptors play important roles in host defense, organogenesis, hematopoiesis, and neuronal communication. Forty-two chemokines and 19 cognate receptors have been found in the human genome. Prior to this report, only 11 chicken chemokines and 7 receptors had been reported. The objectives of this study were to systematically(More)
BACKGROUND Markers of an acute phase reaction, such as C-reactive protein (CRP) or tumor necrosis factor-alpha (TNF-alpha) and interleukin (IL)-6, are predictive for cardiovascular morbidity and mortality in normal subjects and in chronic renal failure patients. In this study, we aimed to investigate serum TNF-alpha, IL-6, IL-10 and CRP levels in continuous(More)
OBJECT Vascular complications related to lumbar disc operations are rare but extremely fatal conditions. The authors analyzed data retrospectively obtained in 13 patients with vascular complications that occurred during lumbar disc operations performed between January 1990 and January 2002. METHODS One patient underwent an L5-S1 procedure and the(More)
BACKGROUND Bardet-Biedl syndrome (BBS) is a rare autosomal-recessive disorder characterized by abdominal obesity, mental retardation, dysmorphic extremities, retinal dystrophy, hypogonadism, and kidney structural abnormalities or functional impairment. It is now considered a significant cause of chronic and end-stage renal disease in children. To the best(More)