Ahmet Yesilyurt

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Two types of gynecologic tumors are commonly described in the Turner syndrome, the first one is gonadoblastoma, which occurs in patients with Y chromosome abnormalities, and the second one is endometrial carcinoma which is mostly related with exogenous estrogen usage. Here, we describe an extremely rare case of squamous cell carcinoma of the vulva in a(More)
Objective. The most common form of congenital adrenal hyperplasia (CAH) is 21-hydroxylase (21-OH) deficiency due to mutation of the CYP21A2 gene. Patients with nonclassical CAH (NC-CAH) are usually asymptomatic at birth and typically present in late childhood, adolescence, or adulthood with symptoms of excessive androgen secretion. Subfertility is relative(More)
Resistance to thyroid hormone (RTH) is a rare autosomal dominant hereditary disorder. Here in, we report two patients with RTH in whom differentiated thyroid cancer was diagnosed. Two patients were admitted to our clinic and their laboratory results were elevated thyroid hormone levels with unsuppressed TSH. We considered this situation thyroid hormone(More)
Impaired wound healing could be a disaster especially in diabetes and amputation is the major risk. The aim of this study was to evaluate the benefit of BMMCs and CBS on wound healing. Diabetic rats were underwent bilateral limb ischemia and wounding of skin defects on both extremities. The groups were formed as BMMCs (group A), BMMCs and CBS (group B),(More)
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