Ahmet Turker Cetin

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The molecular geometry, vibrational frequencies, and gauge including atomic orbital (GIAO) (1)H and (13)C NMR chemical shift values of the title compound in the ground state have been calculated using the Hartree-Fock (HF) and density functional theory (DFT) methods with 6-31G(d) basis sets, and compared with the experimental data. The calculated results(More)
The title compound, C(14)H(9)N(5)S, has been synthesized and characterized both spectroscopically and structurally. The triazolo-thiadiazole system, the pyridine ring and the phenyl ring are all planar. The plane of the triazolo-thiadiazole system forms dihedral angles of 1.53 (13) and 7.55 (12) degrees with the planes of the pyridine and phenyl rings,(More)
In the title compound, C22H25N5OS.2H2O, the molecules are stacked in columns running along the b axis. In this arrangemant, the molecules are linked to each other by a combination of one two-centre N-H...O hydrogen bond and four two-centre O-H...O hydrogen bonds containing two types of ring motif, viz. R(4)4(10) and R(3)3(11). In the crystal structure,(More)
The title molecule, 4-allyl-5-pyridin-4-yl-2,4-dihydro-3H-1,2,4-triazole-3-thione (C(10)H(10)N(4)S), was synthesized and characterized by IR-NMR spectroscopy and single-crystal X-ray diffraction. The compound crystallizes in the monoclinic space group is P2(1)/c, a=8.006(5)Å, b=15.363(5)Å, c=8.936(5)Å, β=104.441(5)° and V=1064.4(10)Å(3), F(000)=456,(More)
The title molecule, 4-allyl-5-(2-hydroxyphenyl)-2,4-dihydro-3H-1,2,4-triazole-3-thione (C(11)H(11)N(3)OS), was synthesized and characterized by IR-NMR spectroscopy and single-crystal X-ray diffraction. The compound crystallizes in the monoclinic space group is P2(1)/c, a=9.0907(5)A, b=9.1288(7)A, c=13.6222(7)A, alpha=90 degrees , beta=98.442 (4), gamma=90(More)
A series of hydrazinecarbothioamide derivatives incorporating ethyl, phenyl, tolyl, benzyl, and allyl moieties were prepared and tested as possible inhibitors of three members of the pH regulatory enzyme family, carbonic anhydrase (CA; EC The inhibitory and activatory potencies of the compounds against the cytosolic human isoforms hCA I and hCA II(More)
The aim of this study was to evaluate biologically active novel molecules having potentials to be drugs by their antitumor properties and by activities of apoptotic caspase and topoisomerase. Following syntheses of novel eight bis(α-aminoalkyl)phosphinic acid derivatives (4a-h) as a result of array of reactions, compounds were evaluated by cytotoxic effects(More)
PURPOSE The purpose of this study was to evaluate the relationship between -174G/C interleukin-6 (IL-6) gene promoter polymorphism and susceptibility to chronic lymphocytic (CLL), chronic myelogenous (CML) and acute myelogenous leukemia (AML) in Turkish patients. METHODS The frequencies of -174G/C polymorphism were studied in 23 unrelated CLL, 25 CML and(More)
Chronic myelogenous leukemia (CML) is a type of leukemia originating from hematopoietic stem cells characterized by unregulated proliferation of myeloid cells. Leukemic cells carry the chromosome, a translocation between one chromosome 9 and one chromosome 22. This chromosome has the fusion gene which consists of fragments of the breakpoint cluster region(More)
Aminophosphinic acids which are organophosphorus compounds widely investigated for potential production of antibacterial, antitumor and antiviral materials. In vitro antioxidant, cytotoxic and antimicrobial activities of synthesized novel compounds of 8 different bis(β-amino alkyl)phosphinic acids (4a-h) were investigated on MCF-7 breast adenocarcinoma cell(More)
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