Ahmet Sarucan

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This paper describes the first Artificial Bee Colony (ABC) Algorithm approach applied to nurse scheduling evaluated under different working environments. For this purpose, the model has been applied on a real hospital where data taken from different departments of the hospital were used and the schedules from the model were compared with the existing(More)
Energy resources are classified as renewable and non-renewable in general. Non renewable energy resources have been exhausted gradually. Renewable energy resources such as wind power, hydropower, geothermal power, solar power and photovoltaic power have importance more than ever before. But, researchers are looking for selections of renewable electricity(More)
In the last decade job shop scheduling problems have been subject to intensive research due to their multiple applications. Job shop scheduling is known as a strongly NPcomplete problem. In the job shop scheduling problems, processing times and due dates are very dynamically due to both human and machine resource factors. Fuzzy sets are used to model the(More)
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