Ahmet Sarı

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This report describes a 46-year-old individual with normal immune status and a clinical course marked by headache and nausea-vomiting. He was diagnosed as having cryptococcal meningitis (CM) accompanying with cerebellitis. The interesting element was the observation of recurrent cerebellitis, never before reported in the literature for CM. He was(More)
Lymphangiography and percutaneous embolization of injured lymphatics are minimally invasive and effective techniques for the diagnosis and treatment of thoracic and retroperitoneal lymphatic leaks. We present a 58-year-old man who had abdominal chylous collection developed after multiple abdominal surgeries. Retroperitoneal lymphatic duct leakage was(More)
Paragangliomas are unusual tumors that are sometimes familial. We treated a family who exhibited multiple head and neck paragangliomas (HNPGs) and pheochromocytomas. The purpose was to determine the clinical characteristics of paragangliomas with familial history and to define a better standardized proceeding in the management of these tumors. Patients(More)
Brachial neuritis is characterized by shoulder and arm pain followed by weakness and atrophy of affected muscles and sensory loss in the arm. Isolated sensory involvement of the brachial plexus is very rare. Diagnosis of brachial neuritis is usually based on clinical history and examination, with the confirmation by electrodiagnostic tests. A 72-year-old(More)
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