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Contributions to the knowledge of Iranian aquatic polyphaga (Coleoptera) fauna
Eleven species were recorded from Iran for the first time, and distributions in Iran and worldwide of these newly recorded species are presented. Expand
Hydrochus ibericus and Hydrochus nodulifer, Two New Records for the Hydrochidae (Coleoptera) Fauna of Turkey
This study reports the first occurrence of Hydrochus ibericus Valladares, Diaz, and Delgado, 1999, and Hydrochus nodulifer Reitter, 1897 from Turkey.
Turkish hydrophilidae (Coleoptera) III. Genus Hydrochara Berthold 1827 with the description of a new species, Hydrochara major sp. n.
A new species of hydrophilid beetle is described from sea level in northern Anatolia (Asiatic Turkey) and the key and list of Hydrochara spp. Expand
New Genera and Species of the Family Hydrophilidae (Coleoptera) from Turkey
Two hydrophilid genera, Cymbiodyta Bedel 1881 and Chasmogenus (Watanabe, 1987), and 3 species, Cymbiodyta marginella (Fabricius, 1792), Enochrus (Methydrus) coarctatus (Gredler, 1863), andExpand
Studies on Turkish Hydrophilidae (Coleoptera) IV. Genus Berosus Leach, 1817 with description of a new
2 Summary A check list of Berosus spp. (Coleoptera: Hydrophilidae) known in Turkey are presented with their distributions in Turkey. 14 species of the genus are determined. Of these, Berosus dentalisExpand
Assessing the Scenic Quality of Geomorphological Formations in Karapinar’s Rural Areas
With increasing land use conflicts around the world, as well as need for more agricultural land, “natural” areas are coming under increased threat of disturbance or destruction. If these lands are toExpand
Plants used in traditional medicine and other uses in South of Erzurum (Turkey): An ethnobotanical study
Background: This study reports result of an ethnobotanical research performed in Cat, Tekman, Hinis, Karacoban, Karayazi situated in south of Turkey. The ethnobotanical results include quantitativeExpand
A New Record for The Turkish Fauna (Coleoptera: Hydrophilidae), with Further Notes on The Laccobius Sinuatus Motschulsky, 1849 and Coelostoma Transcaspicum Reitter, 1906
Hidrofilidlerden Turkiye faunasi icin yeni kayit olan Helochares sharpi Kuwert, 1890 sunuldu. Laccobius siniatus Motschulsky, 1849'un Turkiye’deki dagilisi dogrulandi. Coelostoma transcaspicumExpand
Isolation of filamentous fungi associated with two common edible aquatic insects, Hydrophilus piceus and Dytiscus marginalis
In the present study, microfungal flora of internal and external surface of Hydrophilus piceus and Dytiscus marginalis collected from their natural habitats in Erzurum (Turkey) are evaluated and species that were recognized as pathogenic or toxigenic, and ones having biotechnological importance were found. Expand
An ethnobotanical investigation on medicinal plants in South of Erzurum (Turkey)
Background: This study reports the results of ethnobotanical research performed in Çat, Tekman, Hınıs, Karaçoban, Karayazı situated in the southern region of Erzurum. The ethnobotanical resultsExpand