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A novel compact quad-band microstrip bandstop filter design is presented. Input and output ports of the filter are connected with a high impedance transmission line. Proposed filter is designed by using open-circuited stubs attached to the input and output ports. Thus, based on the f<sub>r</sub> - 3f<sub>r</sub> harmonic property of the stub-loaded(More)
In this letter, design of a quad-band microstrip bandpass filter is presented by using nested placed four dual-mode square loop resonators (DMSLR) having different electrical lengths. Arms of the square loop resonators (SLR) are formed with low/high impedance parts, in order to obtain a maximum miniaturization by nesting DMSLRs and perturbation effects by(More)
In this letter, design of a highly selective six-pole microstrip bandpass filter with low insertion loss is reported. For this purpose, a new type of triple-mode open loop resonator having patch loaded open-circuited stubs is designed and analyzed through even-odd mode resonance conditions. Designed resonator is coupled to input and output ports to obtain a(More)
Artificial Neural Network computational modules have recently gained recognition RF and microwave modeling. This situation is very important for computer aided tuning of microwave components. Neural networks can be trained to learn the behavior of passive/active components/circuits. This paper presents a design approach for a microstrip dual mode filter by(More)
ANN has a wide application areas. One of these applications areas is the optimization of microwave filters. In this study, of optimization ANN solution techniques have been applied to optimize RF and microwave structures Using Artificial neural networks (ANN) modeling technique in a filter design with the inset-feeding open-loop resonator is presented. With(More)
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