Ahmet Koltuksuz

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This paper addresses theoretical and practical issues experienced in the construction of Turkish National Corpus (TNC). TNC is designed to be a balanced, large scale (50 million words) and general-purpose corpus for contemporary Turkish. It has benefited from previous practices and efforts for the construction of corpora. In this sense, TNC generally(More)
Timed Automata is an extension to the automata-theoretic approach for the modeling of real time systems that introduces time into the classical automata. It has become an important research area in both the context of formal languages and modeling and verification of real time systems since it was proposed by Alur and Dill in the early nineties. Timed(More)
The purpose of this research is to develop more secure and faster identification of dishonest nodes for key sharing systems. Mathematical background of finding dishonest node express simple and efficient technique that can be used in the key sharing systems. With the distributed key generation, each node has equal responsibility for creating distributed(More)
Communicating Sequential Processes (CSP) is a process algebra, designed for modeling and analyzing the behavior of concurrent systems. Several security protocols are modeled with CSP and verified using model-checking or theorem proving techniques successfully. Unlike other authentication protocols modeled using CSP, each of the Efficient Multi-chained(More)
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