Ahmet Kara

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A robotic aid for the physically disabled that assists a user in feeding is presented. Two problems must be solved for a robot to feed a person. First, the robot must continually track the position of the person's face. Second, the robot must be able to get out of the way if the person moves suddenly. The first problem is solved with a machine-vision(More)
Presents a novel approach for automating the timing design of interfaces between VLSI chips in microcomputer systems. The Prolog-based expert system, called TDS (for timing design system), incorporates the heuristic knowledge of the hardware designer. TDS is a rule-based system that interprets the specification sheets of VLSI chips and can synthesize,(More)
In this paper, we present our approach to introduce dynamism support to simulation environments, which adopts a Discrete Event System Specification (DEVS)-based modeling and simulation approach and builds upon previous work on Simulation Modeling Architecture (SiMA), a DEVS-based simulation framework developed at TUBITAK UEKAE. In the relevant literature(More)
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