Ahmet H. Aydilek

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The high cost of landfilling and the potential uses of waste foundry sands have prompted research into their beneficial reuse. Roadways have a high potential for large volume usage of the foundry sands. A laboratory testing program was conducted on soil-foundry sand mixtures amended with cement and lime to assess their applicability as highway subbase(More)
There has been a concentrated effort in mod-eling fluid flow in asphalt pavements, and most of the existing work has been limited to evaluation of directional permeabilities. The effects of other phenomena, such as development of flow-induced pore pressure and viscous shear stress distributions at the pore–solid interfaces, on moisture damage in an asphalt(More)
A study was conducted to stabilize low stiffness road surface material with high carbon fly ash. The non-cementitious Maryland fly ash was activated with another recycled material, lime kiln dust (LKD). California bearing ratio (CBR) and resilient modulus tests were conducted to determine the strength and stiffness, respectively, of the stabilized(More)
Acid mine drainage (AMD) from abandoned coal mines continues to be one of the most significant environmental problems. Remediation of AMD requires an addition of lime source to decrease the acidity, and grouting the entire mine and encapsulating the pyrite by calcium-rich additives is often employed. Utilization of alkaline coal combustion by-products(More)
Biological processes may provide great and previously unexplored opportunities for in situ, cost effective soil improvement. A laboratory research study was conducted to evaluate the changes in geomechanical properties of sand due to microbial precipitation of calcium with Bacillus pasteurii. Direct shear tests and California bearing ratio (CBR) were(More)
Dredged sediments are obtained from the process of dredging coastal areas and harbors in order to maintain navigable waterways. This study focuses on the potential of using dredged sediments as vertical cutoff wall backfill material. Materials used as vertical cutoff wall material are expected to have low hydraulic permeability and good workable(More)
Acid mine drainage (AMD) is a phenomenon that occurs when pyrite that is present in abandoned coal mines comes in contact with oxygen and water, forming acidic water rich in dissolved metals. Grout injection into mines is a popular technique that provides a permanent solution to control AMD. The main objective of this study was to investigate the(More)
Maryland State Highway Administration (SHA) is in need for evaluation of stiffness and drainage characteristics of graded aggregate base (GAB) stone delivered at highly variable gradations to the construction sites. To fulfill the current need, the mechanical and drainage properties of several Maryland GAB materials were evaluated in the laboratory and(More)
Leaching behaviors of Arsenic (As), Barium (Ba), Calcium (Ca), Cadmium (Cd), Magnesium (Mg), Selenium (Se), and Strontium (Sr) from soil alone, coal fly ash alone, and soil-coal fly ash mixtures, were studied at a pH range of 2-14 via pH-dependent leaching tests. Seven different types of soils and coal fly ashes were tested. Results of this study indicated(More)