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The high cost of landfilling and the potential uses of waste foundry sands have prompted research into their beneficial reuse. Roadways have a high potential for large volume usage of the foundry sands. A laboratory testing program was conducted on soil-foundry sand mixtures amended with cement and lime to assess their applicability as highway subbase(More)
A study was conducted to evaluate the leaching potential of unpaved road materials (URM) mixed with lime activated high carbon fly ashes and to evaluate groundwater impacts of barium, boron, copper, and zinc leaching. This objective was met by a combination of batch water leach tests, column leach tests, and computer modeling. The laboratory tests were(More)
There has been a concentrated effort in modeling fluid flow in asphalt pavements, and most of the existing work has been limited to evaluation of directional permeabilities. The effects of other phenomena, such as development of flow-induced pore pressure and viscous shear stress distributions at the pore–solid interfaces, on moisture damage in an asphalt(More)
Acid mine drainage (AMD) from abandoned coal mines continues to be one of the most significant environmental problems. Remediation of AMD requires an addition of lime source to decrease the acidity, and grouting the entire mine and encapsulating the pyrite by calcium-rich additives is often employed. Utilization of alkaline coal combustion by-products(More)
Landfill bottom liners are generally constructed with natural clay soils due to their high strength and low hydraulic conductivity characteristics. However, in recent years it is increasingly difficult to find locally available clay soils that satisfy the required engineering properties. Fine grained soils such as sepiolite and zeolite may be used as(More)
Localized strains due to production defects, seams and punctured zones significantly affect mechanical performance of geosynthetic materials. Accurate determination of localized strains becomes particularly important for QC/QA evaluation of these materials and plays a critical role in design problems. A number of geosynthetic specimens were tested in an(More)
Title of Document: MECHANISTIC-EMPIRICAL DESIGN OF FLEXIBLE PAVEMENTS: A SENSITIVITY STUDY Regis L. Carvalho, Master of Science, 2006 Thesis directed by: Dr. Charles W. Schwartz Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering Pavement structural design is a daunting task. Traffic loading is a heterogeneous mix of vehicles, axle types and loads with(More)
Title of Document: CHARACTERIZATION OF TRACE METAL LEACHING FROM MARYLAND COAL FLY ASHES Enes Ozkok, Master of Science, 2011 Directed By: Associate Professor Ahmet Aydilek, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering Three coal fly ashes with different acid-base characteristics and their mixtures with an embankment soil were analyzed for arsenic,(More)