Ahmet Güneyli

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One of the important factors that affect a teacher’s success and efficiency is his/her attitude towards the profession. For the realization of an efficient / active mother tongue teaching, mother tongue teachers need to have a positive attitude towards he profession. The fundamental objective of this study is to determine the mother tongue (Turkish)(More)
Either p-glycoprotein (pgp) or the encoding gene mdr1 expression has been reported to be correlated with multidrug resistance and poor treatment response. To investigate the incidence of pgp in refractory hematological neoplasms we analyzed malignant cells from 40 patients by an immunoperoxidase method using the monoclonal antibody C219. Pgp was positive in(More)
This paper discusses how Turkish Cypriot orthopedically impaired learners who are living in North Cyprus use social networking as a tool for leisure and education, and to what extent they satisfy their personal development needs by means of these digital platforms. The case study described, conducted in North Cyprus in 2015 followed a qualitative research(More)
In this research, a case study was conducted, analyzing the Twitter messages posted between July and November 2015 by six political leaders in Turkey. The Twitter messages posted by President Erdoğan, AKP’s leader Davutoğlu, CHP’s leader Kılıçdaroğlu, MHP’s leader Bahçeli and HDP’s co-chairs Demirtaş and Yüksekdağ were all examined. The analysis focused(More)
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