Ahmet Firat

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This study aimed to evaluate the outcome of medial open reduction for developmental dysplasia of the hip (DDH) in patients before and after walking age. A minimum 5-year radiographic and clinical follow-up compared 29 patients (group 1) before walking age with 38 patients (group 2) after walking age for DDH. The correction ratio of acetabular index was(More)
PURPOSE This study aimed to find answers to the following questions: (1) Is it possible to determine and measure the space between the top of the graft and entrance of implant tunnel by magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)? (2) Is there any correlation between the hole above the graft in femoral tunnel and the femoral tunnel widening? (3) Does the tunnel(More)
INTRODUCTION The treatment of infected total knee arthroplasty (TKA) is controversial and various. Two-stage prolonged reimplantation and 6-week systemic antibiotics use have been a gold standard of treatment in recent years. PATIENTS Seventeen knees of 17 patients, who underwent primary TKA and subsequently developed infections, were implanted(More)
We report a breast mass associated with a foreign body mimicking malignancy on mammography. Although retained penrose drains have been reported in other parts of the body, our case is the first report of a retained penrose drain in breast diagnosed by mammography. Mammography can be used if there is suspicion of a retained penrose drain during the course of(More)
BACKGROUND No previous description has been made about an objective method to test the graft resistance in MPFL reconstruction intraoperatively. In our study, we aimed to obtain intraoperative objective data about the graft resistance using contact pressure-sensitive surfaces and measuring pressure formed under the graft. MATERIALS AND METHODS In 2012,(More)
The frequency of partial rotator cuff tears is gradually increasing because of the advancements in imaging methods and arthroscopy techniques. One of the repair techniques is repair of the partial rotator cuff tear by conversion to a full-thickness tear. Another technique, the transtendon technique, has some practical challenges and risks. We attempted to(More)
BACKGROUND Tailor's bunion is a deformity of the fifth toe, and its concomitance with hallux valgus (HV) is defined as splayfoot deformity. Treatment is focused on the HV deformity in splayfoot, and the tailor's bunion deformity can be overlooked. The frequency of HV concomitant with tailor's bunion in splayfoot has not been reported in the literature. (More)
OBJECTIVE The aim of this study was to test if robotic surgery can be used while performing hip arthroscopy. METHODS Hip arthroscopy was performed on two hip joints of a fresh-frozen male human cadaver. The arthroscopic control of the femoral head and neck and acetabular labrum were evaluated using the da Vinci Surgical System. RESULTS Docking of the(More)
INTRODUCTION Chronic non-specific synovitis has a higher recurrence rate with arthroscopic synovectomy due to the insufficient removal of all pathological tissues. Neither has radiosynoviorthesis been sufficiently effective in treatment in contrast to cases of chronic specific synovitis such as rheumatoid arthritis. This study aimed to investigate the(More)