Ahmet Dursun Alkan

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Ensemble clustering is a promising approach that combines the results of multiple clustering algorithms to obtain a consensus partition by merging different partitions based upon well-defined rules. In this study, we use an ensemble clustering approach for merging the results of five different clustering algorithms that are sometimes used in bioinformatics(More)
Recent developments in Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) enabled common access for researchers and thus offers solutions to various complex problems in many different fields. With this motivation, in this study, two kinds of numerical methods were employed to investigate the vertical motions in variable regular waves. While the potential method is commonly(More)
Fabrics are produced by at least two yarn systems which are perpendicular to each other in a certain order. Warp fault defect detection can not be done by using human eye easily and it is harder for denim fabrics especially. Therefore this hard task requires care and it is stated that can be done by trained quality controllers with %70 correct detection(More)
Blind Source Separation (BSS) is a process which includes detection of the individual source signals from mixed different sources. BSS can be used for image processing, communication and biomedical applications. To achieve BSS different techniques are used. Independent Component Analysis (ICA) is used for it frequently. In this study, to realize BSS,(More)
Data science for engineers is the most recent research area which suggests to analyse large data sets in order to find data analytics and use them for better designing and modelling. Ship design practice reveals that conceptual ship design is critically important for a successful basic design. Conceptual ship design needs to identify the true set of design(More)
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