Ahmet Bozdag

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Assessment of genotoxins-induced DNA damage and mutations at molecular level is important in eco-genotoxicology. In this research, RAPD was used to detect DNA damage in the roots and leaves of bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) seedlings exposed to toxic chemicals of Hg, B, Cr and Zn (HgCl(2), H(3)BO(3), K(2)Cr(2)O(7) and ZnSO(4)7H(2)O) at concentrations of 150(More)
Pilonidal disease has been treated surgically and by various other methods for many years. The most important problem associated with such treatment is recurrence, but cosmetic outcome is another important issue that cannot be ignored. Today, crystallized phenol is recognized as a treatment option associated with good medical and cosmetic outcomes. We(More)
Bacillus methanolicus MGA3 is a Gram-positive aerobic methylotroph growing optimally at 50–53 °C. Methylotrophy in B. methanolicus is encoded on pBM19 and by two chromosomal copies of the methanol dehydrogenase (mdh), hexulose phosphate synthase (hps) and phosphohexuloisomerase (phi) genes. However, there are no published studies on the regulation of(More)
The present study was undertaken to evaluate genotoxic potential of two auxinic herbicides [2,4-dicholorophenoxy acetic acid (2,4-D) and 3,6-dichloro-2-methoxybenzoic acid (Dicamba)] in the roots of common bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) seedlings. Two-day-old etiolated seedlings were treated with 10 ppm methyl methanesulfonate (MMS, positive control) or 0.1,(More)
Cooperative communication is an approach that provides diversity gain in wireless communications systems by eliminating the requirement of locating physical antenna arrays at terminals. In this study, a scheme that combines link adaptive relaying (LAR) and virtual noise modeling based detection techniques which have been introduced in the literature to(More)
Hydatid disease is a parasitosis which is created by Echinococcus granulosus. Hydatid cysts most of ten settled in the liver and lungs. Hydatid cyst is rarely seen in retroperitoneal. Sixty-three year-old female patient was admitted to our hospital with complaints of abdominal distention and with back pain in the Abdominal ultrasonography and computed(More)
The aims of this study are to evaluate whether or not there is a relationship between mastalgia with anxiety and depression in young women with mastalgia who do not have organic breast pathology and to examine the effect of pain on the quality of life. Forty female pre-menopausal patients between the ages of 20-40 years with mastalgia and 40 totally healthy(More)
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