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  • A Orun, N Aydin
  • 2010
The method proposed here uses Bayesian non-linear classifier to select optimal subset of attributes to avoid redundant variables and reduce data uncertainty in the classification process often used in medical diagnosis. The method also exploits the structural reasoning ability of Bayesian Networks (BN) to optimize large number of attributes to prevent(More)
Skin aging is a complex biological process that is yet to be successfully modelled as it depends on various internal and external factors. This work therefore investigates novel low-cost skin aging assessment technique and equipment by using robust analysis of textural features unified with a laser-speckle imaging method, which is found to be quite capable(More)
This work aims to introduce a sequence of novel methods and techniques which may be exploited towards the development of very sensitive “biological effect detector” which helps unveil the invisible biological effects of a substance which normally may not be discovered by the conventional laboratory experiments in a short term. The work(More)
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