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PURPOSE Previous studies have demonstrated that in vivo and in vitro ischemia of the bladder results in decreased contractile responses. However, to our knowledge the effect of reperfusion following ischemia of the bladder is not known. MATERIALS AND METHODS Adult male rats were subjected to bilateral bladder ischemia and varying periods of reperfusion.(More)
  • Ahmet Aslan
  • Bulletin of environmental contamination and…
  • 2009
This paper investigates the toxicity in leather products of heavy metals known to be detrimental to the ecosystem. Heavy metal concentrations in leather samples were identified with ICP-OES, and toxicity was determined using a MetPLATE bioassay. Chromium and aluminium were found to constitute 98% of the total concentration of heavy metals in finished(More)
Osteopetrosis is a rare hereditary disease which is characterized by increased bone density. Bone resorption is insufficient or fails due to the osteoclast defect in osteopetrosis. Half of the patients are asymptomatic and diagnosed incidentally or based on the presence of fracture. Adult onset osteopetrosis usually presents with hip and proximal femoral(More)
PURPOSE Adenotonsillar hyperplasia causes upper airway obstruction, leading to obstructive sleep apnea. We reviewed the incidence of nocturnal enuresis in a population of children with adenotonsillar hyperplasia. In addition, we investigated the rate of resolution or improvement in enuresis following surgery for relief of adenotonsillar hyperplasia. (More)
This study was conducted to investigate the effects of propolis and mesalamine on experimental colitis in rats. Distal colitis was induced in rats by intracolonic instillation of 2 mL of 4% acetic acid. The animals were randomly assigned to 5 groups: group 1, control, (n=8); group 2, colitis, received no treatment (n=8); group 3, colitis+mesalamine, 2 mL(More)
PURPOSE OF REVIEW A few decades ago, urinary diversion, usually with an ileal conduit, was the ultimate outcome for most children with spina bifida. The revolutionary institution of clean intermittent catheterization has changed the algorithm totally. Furthermore many new drugs have been developed during the past decade and have decreased the need for(More)
Accessory ovaries are rare anomalies and cysts arising from accessory ovaries are extremely rare. Their reported incidence is 1/29,000–1/700,000. Establishing the diagnosis preoperatively is difficult. Radiologic methods are usually inadequate in recognizing the origin of these tumors. Thus, they are usually confused with other intraabdominal tumors. A(More)
In this article, we present a case of humeral biepicondylar fracture dislocation concomitant with ulnar nerve injury in a seventeen year-old male patient. Physical examination of our patient in the emergency room revealed a painful, edematous and deformed-looking left elbow joint. Hypoesthesia of the little finger was also diagnosed on the left hand.(More)
Over the last decade, tubularized incised plate (TIP) urethroplasty has become the first choice of surgical technique in patients with distal hypospadias. Despite the excellent cosmetic and functional results, prolonged catheterization (7–14 days) remains the main disadvantage of the TIP repair. In this study, we investigated the outcomes of the short-term(More)
OBJECTIVE To study apoptosis and proliferation in the testes of children with undescended testes; the degree to which undescended testes contributes to a patient's ultimate fertility is debatable, but undescended testes have fewer germ cells, and some have proposed that apoptosis is an important cause. PATIENTS AND METHODS Testis biopsies were taken at(More)