Ahmet Altuncu

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Fiber loss is a fundamental limitation in realising long haul point-to-point fiber optical communication links and optical networks. One of the advanced technologies achieved in recent years is the advent of erbium doped fiber amplifiers (EDFAs) that has enabled the optical signals in an optical fiber to be amplified directly in high bit rate systems beyond(More)
Measurement of refractive index which is one of the distinctive properties of materials is commonly used in many fields such as quality control of food industry, biomedical applications, biochemical analysis and measurement of environmental pollution. From the refractive index measurement methods, the one based on fiber optic stands out with their provided(More)
In this paper, the hybrid amplifier has been design and simulated using Optisystem Software version 13. This design of HOA using two types of optical fiber amplifiers such, Raman amplifier and Erbium Doped Fiber Amplifier (EDFA) to amplifying 32 channels in L-band (1560-1600 nm). The pumping power and pumping wavelength for the two types of amplifiers are(More)
Spectral gain and noise figure characteristics of long wavelength band (L-band) erbium doped fiber amplifiers pumped at 980 nm and 1480 nm are compared for different pumping configurations and erbium doped fiber lengths. Simulations performed show that gain bandwidth and spectral noise figure characteristics of L-band EDFAs strongly depend on pumping(More)
In this study, the performance of a forward pumped erbium doped fiber amplifier (EDFA) which is suitable to be used as a preamplifer in fiber optical communication systems is analyzed experimentally regarding the dependece of its performance on exact pumping wavelength at 980 nm region. The gain and noise figure (NF) characteristics of an EDF preamplifier(More)
In this study, our purpose was to investigate the possible effect of paternal obesity on intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) outcomes on the basis of clinical pregnancy outcome. Antropometric measurements of 155 couples, referred to our infertility clinic and who underwent an ICSI cycle, have been evaluated. The study sample were divided into three(More)
In this study, a precise optical fiber length measurement system is proposed. The measurement technique is based on the measurement of relative Fresnel reflected light intensity in a test fiber. Time delayed optical reflected pulses are obtained from a single nanosecond pulse injected at the input due to the difference in lengths of the reference and test(More)
A wideband chirped fiber Bragg grating (FBG) dispersion compensator operating in C band is designed theoretically by numerically solving the coupled mode equations. The power reflectivity spectrum and dispersion characteristics of the chirped fiber Bragg gratings are analysed. In order to achieve wideband dispersion compensation with a low insertion loss,(More)
In this study, the design and experimental characterisation of a bidirectionally pumped double-pass L-band EDFA is realized. First, the performance parameters of the double-pass L-band EDFA design are theoretically analyzed using Optiamplifier 4.0 simulation program. Then, it is realised experimentally and, its gain and noise figure performances are(More)