Ahmet Alp Kindiroglu

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This paper presents a framework for spotting and recognizing continuous human gestures. Skeleton based features are extracted from normalized human body coordinates to represent gestures. These features are then used to construct spatio-temporal template based Random Decision Forest models. Finally, predictions from different models are fused at score level(More)
This paper presents the design and evaluation of a multi-lingual fingerspelling recognition module that is designed for an information terminal. Through the use of multimodal input and output methods, the information terminal acts as a communication medium between deaf and blind people. The system converts fingerspelled words to speech and vice versa using(More)
The aim of this paper is to help the communication of two people, one hearing impaired and one visually impaired by converting speech to fingerspelling and finger-spelling to speech. Fingerspelling is a subset of sign language , and uses finger signs to spell letters of the spoken or written language. We aim to convert finger spelled words to speech and(More)
In-vehicle information systems (IVIS) should minimize the cognitive load on the drivers to reduce any risk of accidents. For that purpose we built an experiment in which two alternatives for information display are compared. One alternative is the traditional information display method of showing a map with the target route highlighted in red. This is(More)
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