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In this paper we present an 8Gbps CMOS amplitude-shift-keying (ASK) modulator in the transmitter and a 19.2mW 2Gbps CMOS pulse receiver circuits for high-speed and low-power 60GHz millimeter-wave impulse radio. High-speed ASK modulation is obtained without using DC power by turning on and off of the shunt connected short channel NMOSFET switches. The(More)
Critics of the current national citizenship models argue that, although it rests on claims to be inclusionary and universal, it can never eliminate exclusion-ary and particularistic practices when challenged by those identities excluded from the historical trajectory of " nation building. " Turkish citizenship has been a form of anomalous amalgamation since(More)
Microwave Doppler radar system is utilized to sense breathing and heartbeat of human beings to monitor their vital conditions. The Doppler radar not only receives vital sign signals but also acquires different additive and unwanted waves such as the signal of the extra motion of the body, clutter and electromagnetic noise. Making a mathematical model of(More)
The pseudo millimeter wave 22-29GHz ultra-wideband (UWB) is attractive for the applications in short-range (SR) automotive radar sensors in order to contribute to significant reduction of traffic fatalities. Although CMOS is suitable for the short-range radar since processing units can be implemented in the same chip with the UWB front-end building block,(More)
Political hunger strikes have been part of the debates on human rights in many countries around the world. This paper explores the preconditions for and motives behind hunger strikes in Turkey by conceiving the hunger strikers as a part of citizenship politics through which strikers not only express their views against certain common issues, but also(More)
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