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BACKGROUND Otitis media is a potentially serious disorder, since there is a risk of permanent hearing loss. Culture methods are not useful in characterisation of populations of bacteria in the middle ear. We have used a PCR-based method that does not depend on prior knowledge of the bacteria identified by culture. METHODS Middle-ear effusion fluid was(More)
The purpose of this questionnaire study was to evaluate the existing knowledge of binaural hearing and the attitudes and practices of prescribing bilateral hearing aids amongst otolaryngologists in the United Kingdom. Of the 950 questionnaires sent to the current members of the British Association of Otolaryngologists and Head and Neck Surgeons (BAO-HNS),(More)
Despite the development of modern imaging techniques, no study has been carried out to establish the normal size (particularly the area) of the adult posterior choanae. In this study we present our findings of the normal anatomical sizes of the adult posterior choanae and its relationship to septal deviation, by analysing MRI images of 70 patients. Coronal(More)
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