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The effect of hydrogen cyanamide (HC) on dormancy release, antioxidant enzyme’s activity and proline and free polyamine contents were investigated in ‘Superior Seedless’ grapevine buds. HC application caused a sharp decrease of catalase (CAT, EC activity and a transient stimulation during the 5 days following treatment of peroxidase (POD, EC(More)
It was examined how essential cations, Ca2+ and K+, can mitigate the toxic effects of NaCl on two different almond species (Prunus amygdalus Batsch) rootstocks, Garnem (GN15) and Bitter Almond. The tree growth parameters (water potential (Ψw), gas exchange, nutrient uptake) and leaf chlorophyll (Chl) content were measured in control and NaCl-treated plants(More)
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