Ahmed Zellou

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The web sources contain a huge amount of data that we need to integrate and to use. The integration of the web source requires to know its source description. In general, the web sources contain a structured data like HTML form and HTML table. This paper proposes our approach to extract a relational schema, describing the web source, and using its(More)
* Process methods with uncertainty and absence of data due of sources incompleteness and inconsistency [6]. We choose the following definition which defines the information mediation is a transparent access service to a huge number of autonomous, heterogeneous, evolutionary and distributed information sources [7]. A mediation system is a software tool for(More)
As the amount of information offered by information systems is increasing exponentially, the need of personalized approaches for information access increases. This work discusses user profiles designed for providing personalized information access. We first present a general classification of research directions on adaptive systems, followed by a(More)
The aim of this paper is to present an architecture based on the reusable components in order to realize an e-government platform. We propose a solution to unify the access to services offered by various administrations, to manage the architectural and functional differences of administrative information systems, to interconnect and allow the exchange(More)
The most important disadvantage of the hybrid approach of information integration is the complexity of selecting the data to materialize, in particular if the data sources are changing and numerous. Several approaches have been proposed to make this task easier. In this paper, we show the shortcomings of the existing ones and we propose to cure this by(More)
Today, not all the web is fully accessible by the Web search engines. There is a hidden and inaccessible part of the web called the deep web. Many methods exist in the literature to access and to integrate the huge structured data contained in the deep web. In this paper, we propose our approach to extract the XML schema describing a selected deep web(More)
The vulgarization of information technologies and telecommunications has generated an enormous amount of information. This information is generally heterogeneous, stored in autonomous and distributed sources. Thus, it becomes necessary to introduce the information integration systems. These systems must ensure an optimal query response time, and the(More)