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This paper presents and compares techniques that have been used to segment Arabic handwriting scripts in online recognition systems. Those techniques attempt to segment cursive Arabic words into characters, or segment characters into small strokes that can be recognized via the recognition system. The structure and strategy of those reviewed techniques are(More)
Nowadays, keyboards and mice are the basic input devices for personal computers. Nevertheless, these devices may not remain as the only way of transmitting electronic data to computers. Other methods may become necessary, particularly with regard to the size of newer mobile devices and the method of transmission. Hand-held computers, mobile technology, for(More)
Thinning “Skeletonization” is a very crucial stage in the Arabic Character Recognition (ACR) system. It simplifies the text shape and reduces the amount of data that needs to be handled and it is usually used as a pre-processing stage for recognition and storage systems. The skeleton of Arabic text can be used for: baseline detection,(More)
Decision tree algorithms have the ability to deal with missing values. While this ability is considered to be advantage, the extreme effort which is required to achieve it is considered a drawback. With the missing values the correct branch could be missed. Therefore, enhanced mechanisms must be employed to handle these values. Moreover, ignoring these null(More)
Data mining (DM) has a wide range of applications in the health care field. DM can be used to discover hidden patterns among different diagnoses or to predict the disease of patients based on certain number of symptoms. It can be used also to analyze the success major of a given treatment for a group of patients based on a number of characteristics and(More)
Qur'an, AL-Sunnah and Islamic traditional books are the rich resources for Muslims that used as the sole authoritative source of knowledge, wisdom and law. The challenge for computer scientists is to extract and represent these knowledge, wisdom and law in computer systems, this knowledge is directed or underlying, therefore, to build an intelligent systems(More)
People's perception and attitude towards computer ethics and information security significantly affect the way they use information technology. This is especially the case among university students who are generally regarded as major violators of computer ethics and computer security. This paper follows previous work on computer security and ethics. The(More)
Arabic chemical symbols are remarkably different from Latin chemical symbols which written by Arabic characters. On the other hand, Arabic chemical symbols follow Latin chemical symbols from the structure of writing the symbols. Although, Arabic symbols have special way of the writing like writing direction, cursive style, and written by Arabic characters.(More)
Same as Arabic scripts, Arabic mathematical symbols have some differences with Latin mathematical symbols shape. Although, Arabic Mathematical symbols follow Latin mathematical from the structure of writing the symbols, Arabic symbols have special shape like writing direction, cursive style, and written by Arabic characters. In fact, these symbols are being(More)
Recently, online character recognition approaches are gotten attention everywhere due to the raped growing of touch screen devices industry. Furthermore, keyboards and mice devises become inapplicable to be included in small devises. These reasons would open the gate for discovering new techniques which can enrich and enhance this kind of approaches. These(More)