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We propose a novel endoscopy video summarization approach based on unsupervised learning and feature discrimination. The proposed learning approach partitions the collection of video frames into homogeneous categories based on their visual and temporal descriptors. Also, it generates possibilistic memberships in order to represent the degree of typicality(More)
This paper reports on an effort to adapt an existing distributed simulation visualization system to become Web accessible. The system was originally developed for performance visualization and experimentation with parameters affecting PDES systems using the Time Warp protocols. This paper presents a model for converting legacy PDES systems to be Web(More)
Artificial Neural Networks (ANNs) represent a useful technique for data mining applications. They can be trained to properly represent various categories occurring in a data set. In large databases, and data warehousing techniques, the size of data sets can be huge which may result in inefficient ANNs learning. Thus, it is useful to find an efficient and(More)
Capsule Endoscopy (CE) is considered an established tool for the exploration and investigation of the small intestine. There are a large number of different capsules which have been launched in the medical field by different vendors such as Given Imaging, Olympus, IntroMedic, and CapsoVision. To find experts of GI that are able to designate three to four(More)
Data mining (DM) techniques have gained a lot of attention lately as they may provide decision-makers with institutional knowledge required for making strategic decisions. Such techniques are able to handle and extract useful information from large data sets. Many commercial tools are now available for the novices to facilitate the data mining process.(More)