Ahmed Z. Alassar

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Robot manipulators are nonlinear systems, so it needs online tuning and monitoring during process control. Proportional integral derivative (PID) control and fuzzy logic control (FLC) are good controllers in industrial applications. Therefore it is a good idea to combine between the two controllers to form a fuzzy supervisory control (FSC) to overcome the(More)
Controlling robot manipulators is challenging due to their nonlinearity nature. PID control is still the benchmark control in industry due to its simplicity. Nonlinear control techniques are very complex and are not attractive. However, fuzzy control is more attractive and provides good performance. This paper p combines fuzzy control with PID control to(More)
Controlling robot manipulator is essential problem to guarantee the robot execute the desired task with minimum error. This paper presents a fuzzy logic controller (FLC) for manipulating 5DOF robot arm based on independent joint control method. The proposed controller design aims to overcome the drawbacks of classical PID controller. The simulation is done(More)
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