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An ethnographic study of Irish music sessions in pubs elaborates the collaborative work involved in making traditional music. Central to this distinctive achievement is the sequencing of tunes so that they hang together and combine to form discrete "sets", which rely on a shared knowledge of musical repertoires. Our study shows how musicians develop this(More)
An ethnographic study uncovers the work of nightclub DJs, which extends far beyond the act of mixing tracks to also encompass collecting music, preparing for performances, and promotion and networking. We reveal how DJs value vinyl and digital formats in different ways, acquire music through 'crate digging', prepare physical and digital crates of music(More)
Recently, a mumps outbreak in New York and New Jersey was reported by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Subsequently, the dissemination of the disease was rapid, and, from June 28th 2009 through January 29th 2010, a total of 1,521 cases of mumps were reported in New York and New Jersey. Seven presumed cases occurred in pregnant women(More)
  • Man” Cactus, Cephalocereus senilis, +5 authors Eman Haggag
  • 2002
Dedication Para kay Nanay at Tatay, sa aking mga kapatid-kay Ibarra at Linglingay, at para sa minamahal kong Anneke Acknowledgements I thank my supervising professor, Dr. Tom J. Mabry, for his patience, guidance and support. I cannot think of anything better than the training he has given me as his teaching assistant and graduate student. His no-nonsense(More)
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