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— The University Class Scheduling Problem (UCSP) is concerned with assigning a number of courses to classrooms taking into consideration constraints like classroom capacities and university regulations. The problem also attempts to optimize the performance criteria and distribute the courses fairly to classrooms depending on the ratio of classroom(More)
Large software systems are constantly monitored so that audits can be initiated, once a failure occurs or when maintenance operations are performed. However, the log files are usually sizeable, and require filtering and reduction in order to be processed efficiently. In this paper, we define the concept of the Event Dependency Graph, and we discuss an event(More)
Ad-hoc sensor networks provide a cheap and scalable technology for constructing pervasive learning assessment systems that are embedded in physical environments. This paper proposes an extension to the QTI assessment standard that supports localized sensor data from sensor networks by incorporating the Sensor-ML notation. This extension can lead to a new(More)
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