Ahmed Umar

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In under developing countries, line losses are considered to be a major issue for power distribution systems. It is hard to locate the area where power is being theft and the situation becomes worse in densely populated area. Further in a country like Pakistan where there is power crises, these illegal connections become great hurdle in collecting revenue.(More)
Biofilms can be defined as microbial cells immobilized in a matrix of extracellular polymers acting as an independent functioning ecosystem, homeostatically regulated”. 1 The Extracellular Polymeric Substance (EPS) act as a barrier that shields the enclosed cells from the bactericidal action of many antimicrobial agents and phagocytic action of host immune(More)
The population dynamics of bacterial community was investigated in three Agricultural soils, designated as Loamy sand (A), Peaty coarse (B) and Loamy coarse sand (C) in North-East, Nigeria. The soil chemical properties were characterized to fully understand their nature. Metagenomic approach was used to extract soil DNA using the fast DNA Spin Kit(More)
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