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Wireless Body Area Networks (WBAN) also referred to as a body sensor network (BSN), is a set of wearable and implantable devices capable of sensing vital signs such as body temperature, heart rate, blood glucose levels and other parameters, it is also used in gaming and human computer as a non-medical applications. This paper presents a comparative study of(More)
The IEEE 802. 15. 6 is a new communication standard on Wireless Body Area Network (WBAN) for short-range, wireless communications in the vicinity of, or inside a human body. It is used for medical and non-medical applications. The IEEE 802. 15. 6 draft defines a Medium Access Control (MAC) layer compatible with several Physical layers (PHY), it also(More)
The traditional Intrusion detection systems have been used long time ago, namely Anomaly-Based detection and Signature-based detection but have many drawbacks that limit their performance. Consequently the main goal of this paper is to use data mining techniques including classification using clustering methods to overpass these defects. This classification(More)
The number of attacks is increasing day by day, especially the web attacks due to the shift of the majority of companies towards web applications. Therefore, the security of their sensitive data against attackers becomes a crucial matter for all organization and companies. Thus the necessity to use intrusion detection systems are required in order to(More)
IWBSN (Implantable Wireless Body Sensor Network) becomes nowadays an important area of research in computer science and healthcare application industries for improving the quality of life. Communication with implanted medical devices is considered as a key to effective diagnosis and therapy. These biosensors are implanted inside the patient body to measure(More)
—In a mobile ad hoc network (MANET), a source node must rely on intermediate nodes to forward its packets along multi-hop routes to the destination node. Due to the lack of infrastructure in such networks, secure and reliable packet delivery is challenging. The performance of a Mobile Ad hoc Network (MANET) is closely related to the capability of the(More)
Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) are composed of low cost sensor nodes and usually deploy in open and unprotected area, which make security the major challenge in this kind of network, due to their characteristics WSN is vulnerable to various types of attacks and intrusions, where it require security mechanisms to defend against these attacks. Intrusion(More)
The aim of this paper is to present an efficient process of the denoising and the compression of the electrocardiogram signal (ECG). This process is based on an enhanced algorithm based on the discrete wavelet transform. Two different algorithms are proposed in this process. The first technique is a hybrid algorithm of the discrete wavelet transform and the(More)