Ahmed Toumanari

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The traditional Intrusion detection systems have been used long time ago, namely Anomaly-Based detection and Signature-based detection but have many drawbacks that limit their performance. Consequently the main goal of this paper is to use data mining techniques including classification using clustering methods to overpass these defects. This classification(More)
In a mobile ad hoc network (MANET), a source node must rely on intermediate nodes to forward its packets along multihop routes to the destination node. Due to the lack of infrastructure in such networks, secure and reliable packet delivery is challenging. The performance of a Mobile Ad hoc Network (MANET) is closely related to the capability of the(More)
The IEEE 802. 15. 6 is a new communication standard on Wireless Body Area Network (WBAN) for short-range, wireless communications in the vicinity of, or inside a human body. It is used for medical and non-medical applications. The IEEE 802. 15. 6 draft defines a Medium Access Control (MAC) layer compatible with several Physical layers (PHY), it also(More)
IWBSN (Implantable Wireless Body Sensor Network) becomes nowadays an important area of research in computer science and healthcare application industries for improving the quality of life. Communication with implanted medical devices is considered as a key to effective diagnosis and therapy. These biosensors are implanted inside the patient body to measure(More)
This paper presents an advanced multilevel algorithm used for the QRS complex detection. This method is based on three levels. The first permits the extraction of higher peaks using an adaptive thresholding technique. The second allows the QRS region detection. The last level permits the detection of Q, R and S waves. The proposed algorithm shows(More)
Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) are composed of low cost sensor nodes and usually deploy in open and unprotected area, which make security the major challenge in this kind of network, due to their characteristics WSN is vulnerable to various types of attacks and intrusions, where it require security mechanisms to defend against these attacks. Intrusion(More)
The Optimized Link State Routing Protocol is developed for Mobile Ad Hoc Network. It operates as a table driven, proactive protocol. The core of the OLSR protocol is the selection of Multipoint Relays (MPRs), used as a flooding mechanism for distributing control traffic messages in the network, and reducing the redundancy in the flooding process. A node in(More)